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By Published on: August 1, 2014Dating Software
WordPress Dating Plugin

When you design a website for the mass users, you need to make it user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. You know that your users want to surf a website that looks good and functions well. And when you have a site especially for dating, you will have a lot of beautiful profiles within some time. Think of your website as the frame for the profiles. You certainly want the interface of your dating website to match with those beautiful profiles. A well designed, appealing website can even inspire the users to make their own profile more attractive.


While Selecting WordPress Dating Theme…

So what options do you have? – A lot of premium themes which may or may not match with the functionality of your website. If you are able to find the themes that can be customized and integrated to your dating website, then that is great.

Mostly, premium themes are available $25 to $250 and beyond. Then again, the code quality is for the experts to check and will the individual theme developer release it again with free upgrades and bug fixes are other questions. Answer to these questions will directly relate to the security of your site. Also, with so many people browsing on mobiles, your dating site theme must have flawless appearance on them as well. The themes designed for our WordPress Dating Plugin sets you free from all these worries.

On a quick note, if you are using our WordPress Dating Plugin and want to use premium themes developed by other developers you can send it to us and we can work the rest for you if you want.


Switching to WordPress Dating Plugin and Our Premium Themes

Even if you already have a dating website and you want to make it look and perform better, then you can use our Dating Plugin and select a new theme of your choice. We offer you over 130 themes for your website.

You or your friend with little WordPress experience can easily work on the customization for premium WordPress themes and dating plugin developed by us. And should you need our help, we are always available.

If you are worried about losing the information of your existing site, rest assured that we leave no such room for errors. Your site will be transformed for better functionality and better user experience, without loss of data.

The best part is that our WordPress dating theme and plugin helps you to optimize your website for search engines and convert your potential users into registered members.


  • supportbay says:

    It would be great for your 4.8.3 version to offer a setting option not to display buttons that are empty. It defeats the purpose for users to click on more pictures button just to find out there are no pictures to be displayed. Or to click on the blogs button just to realize its empty.
    It would be nice to have a setting not to display buttons that are empty.
    Also we have modified the code very easily to allow multiple answers to the profile questions. It was easy to do and looks good. I would suggest that as a feature to have since many questions require multiple answers. Example: Ethnicity: American Indian, & Hispanic

  • DatingSolutions admin says:

    Hi Ned,

    Thank you for the feedback, it’s truly appreciated. The updates and features for 4.8.3 are set but we will definitely have a look at them for version 4.8.4.

  • lvanstone says:

    hi how do i get to themes in wordpress

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Login to WordPress Admin Panel and in the Appearance >> Themes >> Add New. There you can upload your theme.

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