How to make money from dating websites


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Connecting two souls to make them whole is satisfying and pure service.

However, doing that job as a free social service is not within everyone’s reach.

Furthermore, growing the business without a source of revenue is hard, if not impossible.

Luckily, there are ways in the online dating site business to earn steady revenue through it.

1. Paid registration

WP Dating offers both paid and free modalities for dating websites on its dashboard.

You can make your website free to join or paid registration to join the website.

You can set the registration amount that the visitors need to pay.

2. Subscription-based Membership plans

Another approach would be to make the website free for everyone to join but have different levels of membership plans.

On the Dating admin panel, make different membership plans, set the price for the plans, the number of available days, and the different features that the members will be able to access in each plan.

Pro tip: You can create a lifetime membership where you can charge more and give your customers all the features.

3. Credits

Credits are similar to coins in the sense that users can use them to send emails and gifts.

Users can purchase credits for a certain amount of money. You set the price and the number of emails and gifts they can send per credit.

4. Affiliate programs

In simple terms, an affiliate is somebody who makes sales on behalf of a merchant in return for incentives like commission.

You can place the affiliate products on your banner or sidebar.

There are many popular affiliate networks that connect advertisers and affiliates like CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, AWIN, etc.

You can sign-up to these networks for free, find the advertisers from your own niche and start advertising their products on your website.

If any users click the banner/link and make a successful purchase, you will get a commission.

5. Direct Advertisements from merchants

If your dating website achieves a solid base of dating users, you can display ads from direct advertisers on your dating website.

The companies can directly approach you to display their ads.

Otherwise, approach companies directly to ask if they would advertise their products on your website.

You and the advertiser can decide whether it’s going to be flat or per-sale commission.

6. Google AdSense

Google Adsense is an online advertising program offered by Google, where you can allow Google to display its ads on your website. When your users click the ad, you get a certain commission. Registering to Google Adsense is free. 

Tutorial: How to add Google AdSense to your WordPress site?


7. Be an advertiser

If you have made your website paid, you can also make partnerships with different affiliates and brands. They will direct visitors to your website, and when they register to your website, they will be paid a fixed commission on the sales.

With an affiliate system, you can solely focus on your dating business while affiliates take care of the website visitors part. 

There are different plugins available for WordPress like Affiliates Manager, AffiliateWP, EasyAffiliate, and PrettyLinks.

Earning money from dating websites is not an instant result. However, targeting a niche untapped market makes it easier for you to achieve success. It’s a long game, and you might not instantly get results. Be patient and persevere in your work, and you can use the online dating business to have an extra source of income.

You can do it!

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