Promoting a Dating Site

By Published on: January 13, 2014WordPress Dating Plugin

Google Plus MarketingWhen marketing your dating site you need to make sure that you keep up with a few things. You want to promote your dating site on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using Google+ is very critical.  Your dating site will completely benefit from this if you use it. You want to promote it with a button/link to your Google Plus page somewhere on your dating site. You also want to make sure that you expand your Google + Circles by adding more people. When someone adds you, add them back. You also want to use Google Hangouts to expand the reach of your Google + Page and don’t forget to cross-promote your Google + Page on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you don’t have a Google + Page  then create one now. You also want a LinkedIn company page as well as a Twitter account. The more you expand your audience, the more branding you will create for your dating site.

If you don’t have a YouTube Channel then create one. You don’t need to post awesome production value videos. You just need to post something. Post a video talking about your dating site. Promote it via Twitter, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Also be sure to read Google News so that you keep up to date on the current trends of Search Marketing.

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