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Did you start your dating site marketing on Instagram?

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dating site marketing on instagram

Besides its usefulness for social networking, Instagram also provides an option to advertise your company or product. Now you can use Instagram for business easily. This was difficult a year ago as you had to manually contact its sales representative and should have to be willing to spend huge amount of budget and time. Thus it rendered the possibility of marketing out of the reach and plan of most companies.


But things have gone different now! Instagram has launched its marketing API recently. This has presented a huge potential for businesses who initially could not dream about advertising in Instagram. Experts estimate that Instagram will soon become a major mobile advertising business to rival Google and Twitter.


In such scenario, what should be your next strategy? Well, if we had to answer it, we would definitely recommend you to start your advertisement campaign on Instagram and use Instagram for business. It’s easy in itself because instagram has provided a lot of useful features to make your task trouble free!


Recommended Process


Instagram provides you with a Business Manager User Interface to carry out all your activities of advertisement and basically it’s the most recommended process too.This Interface is used to claim ownership of the Instagram account you own and also you can use this interface or Facebook Marketing API’s to assign your ad accounts and perform other activities associated with it. This interface can be mastered with just a meager effort and gives you a lot in return.


The processes to make your task easier!


But if you have an instagram account and don’t want to use Business Manager Setup, you can connect that account to a facebook page using Page User Interface (UI) and perform your marketing operations. This is a simple and the best option for small businesses.


Further you also have the option to create a “shadow” instagram account based on your facebook page. This is a useful option if you do not have an instagram account plus do not want to create new one to avoid organic content management.
Explaining all these we further want to stress that you should seriously consider advertising your dating site on Instagram. This will open up a new potential for your business. It’s never a good idea to ignore even a simple marketing chance and with Instagram you will be ignoring a sea of opportunities. So it’s high time you start setting up an account on Instagram!

WPDating Plugin v5.6, WPDating Theme v2.5 Changes & Lavish Date Theme v2.2 Changes Released!

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We are proud to announce the release of WPDating plugin version 5.6, WPDating Theme version 2.5 Changes and Lavish Date Theme version 2.2 Changes. This release comes up introducing additional new features and improvements. We have also removed some of the irrelevant previous features.

WPDating Theme Version 2.5 Changes 

  • Https compatible
  • Contact Page fields fix in FIREFOX Browser

Lavish Date Theme Version 2.2 Changes

  • Near me css
  • Displays display name in Featured members, Online members, New members,
  • Removed breadcrumb icon

WPDating Plugin Version 5.6

  • HTTPS compatible
  • Paypal Recurring
  • Single quotes preceding with slashes in about me
  • User info displays in friend request
  • Translation now displays in advanced search -> profile question
  • Reported Comments Changed table prefix
  • New improved template

If you haven’t purchased our products, you can do so now by visiting products page or add-ons page. And if you have already purchased our products, please enter your paypal email in this page to get the download link in your email.

Updates for WPDating plugin,WPDating Theme and Lavish Date Theme Released!

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WPDating Plugin 5.5 Release

Your long wait for new updates of LAVISH DATE THEME V2.1, WPDATING THEME  V2.4 and WPDATING PLUGIN V 5.5 has just come to an end!

We have made sure that this update come with multiple added features. You will witness multiple improvements along with the aforementioned addition of new and useful features. Thus, it is sure to make your task much pleasant and easier than before!

Read More

Premium WP Theme – Lavish Date v2.0.0 Released!

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lavish date 2.0.0

After the initial and a few releases of Lavish Date Theme, we have worked again to enhance the visual appeal and usability of this Lavish Date Theme and released the version 2.0.

So, if you have already purchased this theme, feel free to request the download link by entering your PayPal email used to purchase it on this page:

However, if you haven’t checked this theme, here is a demo site using Lavish Date theme and WP Dating Plugin. Please note that, you will only be able to use this theme after you have activated WPDating plugin as we have developed this theme addressing the special needs of WPDating Plugin.

If you would like to purchase this Lavish Date theme and some of our other Add-on products of WPDating Plugin, you can find them in this page:



WPDating Plugin 5.4 & Comet Chat Add-On for WPDating Plugin Released!

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WPDating 5.4 & Comet Chat Add-on Released!

Greetings from WPDating,

Welcome to the world of WordPress Dating Sites. If you are already using WPDating Plugin, you will be glad to know that we have released the WPDating Plugin v5.4 TODAY! Additionally, we have also released the Comet Chat Add-On for WPDating Plugin with this release.

To update to the latest version, please follow the instructions given at updates page.

If you haven’t started your dating site yet, you may be missing out to take your bite in this multi-million dollar dating industry. Why not give it a shot today?

The changes in the dating plugin that you will find are as follows:

  • About Me & Interest Info Improved in member’s profile view
  • Near Me and Zipcode Search Feature Improved for more accuracy
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Add-on Improved
  • Auto-Login and Registration Password Add-On Updated
  • Email Header Changed from WordPress to Admin
  • Profile question and answer language easy to delete
  • City selection adjusted according to State Selection
  • Deprecated Codes of PHP and js updated
  • Comet Chat Add-On for WPDating Plugin Released!

Why did we release Comet Chat Add-On for WPDating Plugin?

The reason behind this is, comet chat offers a more affordable solution for text and video chat option and we want our dating site owners to run dating business effectively while reducing expenses and maximizing profits.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this comet chat service from Comet Chat and comet chat add-on from our add-ons page.


How to promote your dating site on this Valentine’s day?

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promote your dating site

The first two week of February is significant because it’s the Valentine’s Week. People actively celebrate their relationship or search for their better half and to start a lovely relationship. These two weeks offers the opportunity to the dating site that the site admins must grab. They should inform these lovers that they are getting a right platform to fulfill their dating wish via their site. But how do you fulfill their wish if your dating site is not within their reach? So you need to promote your dating site vigorously for this period.

What we are saying is that your dating site should attract these customers and increase its traffic. But what would be a good start? A good start would be to match the spirit of love flowing around Valentine’s Day. It’s better if they feel the love in the air when they interact with their online dating partners. So why not give them the right environment! Read More

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