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WP Dating Plugin Version 5.0 Released

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wpdating plugin 5.0

We are happy to announce the release of WordPress Dating Plugin Version 5.0. We cannot stay without thanking our customers for their valuable suggestions and feedback and expect the same enthusiasm to help us provide a improved version of the plugin.

The major changes that we have made along with the release of version 5.0 are:

  • Facebook Login included in Login Plugin
  • Included the language import option in WP Dating Plugin
  • 7 Language packs are released
  • More changes of the beta release

Here are the list of language pack add-ons that we have made available:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Hindi

You can purchase the language add-ons from here.
If you have suggestions or issues that you want to report to us, please feel free to send them to us and we will act upon them after analysing the feasibility and benefit of the change to our general customers.

Dating Site with Dating Plugin – Business at its best!

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WordPress Dating Plugin

Business is supposed to be stressful, right? All those start-up hassle, customer interactions, promotion meetings, planning-> implementation->monitoring->evaluation->application of corrective measures etc, right? Then again, there is the competitor analysis, analysis of their strategy, pricing, product differentiation strategy and other aspects.

Whao, what an excellent way to keep your schedule busy and get yourself stressed at the end of every day. But what if you find something that you enjoy doing and at the same time can generate a quantifiable revenue?

When you realize that it is not anything but fun and also banks your cash when you run a successful dating site, you’re not far long from your stress-free path to achieve financial goals. Read More

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