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Dating industry is a fastest growing industry with more than  $3 Billion dollars of annual turnover.

We can say this is one of the most rapidly growing industry.Do you think that you can take benefit out of it? Yes, great.” No, I am new in this sector”, no worries we are here to help you.

You can make sufficient amount of income from dating website but don’t know how to create a dating website? No problem at all. I will talk about how to create WordPress based dating website with concise and precise information. Just follow these 8 simple step. WordPress is a versatile platform that can be turned into anything you got in your mind. We all know that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Build Dating Website with WordPress

  • Deciding on which users to target
  • Building your dating website block by block 
  • Selecting platform to roll your matchmaking service
  • Marketing effort you need for survival 
  • Ongoing process  and changing it with time and trend

1. Finding your Niche

“Niche” as per the definition it means denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.. It is specific rather than general. You have decided to create dating website but not sure whom to target? Finding your right niche is the most important step before you begin further.

I can feel your confusion and frustration. This is the phase every entrepreneur goes through. If you are dead confused, then you can do little research on your own.Create a poll on social media, ask your friends and family for suggestion or idea. Think about it every time as soon as you get free time, who knows that ‘aha’ moment might come anytime and anywhere.

Why I am stressing about finding your right niche is because you will be spending your precious times to attract the particular type of users i.e age group, gender, interest, hobby, community etc.

Some of the examples of niche specific sites can be dating site for sports, dating site for same-sex, dating site for military, dating sites for a hobby, dating sites for gamers, dating site by religion, dating site by a political view (believe me this grew hot when Donald Trump ran for president).

It’s not like you can’t target all the general people, the truth is you can but you need a maximum number of resources eg time, great no of a team, an enormous amount of money for operation and marketing. Until and unless you try to compete with match dot com or eharmony then go for a particular niche this will give you more ROI (Return On Investment ) eliminating all the possible competitors.

After selection of right niche now it’s time to move forward to create dating website.

2. Building  website from scratch

After deciding the right niche now you should concentrate on creating an attractive website. When I say attractive it should be attractive, more is preferable but not less.

In this competitive world being unique is hard so this can be achieved by the appearance of your dating website. Along with attractiveness, it should be usable too. User spending lots of time just to learn how to use your dating site means a big NO.

Now let’s begin with our dating website.  Series of steps need to be followed to create a dating website. You can create dating website from a couple of ways as we know there are lots of alternatives but WordPress is the easiest and reliable method amongst all.

As I previously stated that it powers 28% of entire web yes, Entire Web. If you don’t believe in WordPress then whether all those millions of people are  fool or you are from different planet. Decision is yours else you can go the traditional way.

3. Domain Name

First of all you need to think of an attractive domain name for your dating site that goes with your theme. For eg.,,,, Confused which name to choose then you can use a mind map or brainstorming technique to think of new great names. I know it’s hard and great ideas don’t come easy but keep on trying cause hard work pays off in the end. After you have decided the name next step will buy a hosting service.

4. Buy a hosted domain

You can easily buy a domain from these providers siteground, GoDaddy…, and Bluehost these are the few ones but still, there are plenty more you can find in the market. Register your dot com. If you buy Bluehost hosting you can register your domain name for free. Selection of hosting service depends up to you because there are many as I mentioned above, choose whichever is suitable for you.

5. Buy a readymade Dating Plugin

Dating plugin simply is a readymade script or software you can install on your WordPress based site and your dating website is ready to rock and roll.   After registering domain install WordPress which is free and you can get the best WordPress Dating Plugin from the different provider choose that meets your need.

 Don’t go for cheap ones otherwise, it will be costly later on. Cheap Plugin is not optimized and with poor support. Good Plugin gives you an appealing interactive user interface to your user. Good Plugins are timely updated and dedicated developers are continuously working on it to update it with more features and make it user-friendly.

If you go for dating plugin then you do not need to spend tens of thousand just to ready your dating website. Dating Plugin starts from $149 before you buy you can use the demo site. If you think this is the one then only you should buy it. Using Dating Plugin means customization is easy, you do not need to hire a developer that means operating cost is very low as they charge very high. This is the best way to create dating website.

6. Dating Theme

You can find lots of attractive premium WordPress based theme in the market. Select that goes with your theme. For e.g. LoveMatch, Sweetdate etc. This is the easy way to make your website look attractive and premium. *LoveMatch theme works with WPDating Plugin only.


You can add other necessary Plugins or Add-ons as per your need. This is the beauty of using WordPress dating plugin. You can get all the plugins that you need. Some of the useful plugins and add-ons are as follows: Seo Plugin, ccbill, language translation, etc.

This is the end of the technical aspect now you enter into operational aspect i.e. How will you run your dating website? Deciding to make it free or paid to your members. Your operating and marketing strategy shouldchoi be based on above decision. Whether you can charge a little amount of money to your user for providing service or you can run it for free before acquiring a user and later on you can change it paid service. Decision is all yours.

7. Mobile Platform

As per the statista, the number of mobile phone user will cross five Billion marks in 2019, exhilarating right? If you make your website ready then you should also focus on mobile platform i.e make ready your apps for iOS and Android platforms.

We all can feel the trend that mobile users are increasing day by day. How Tinder brought the revolution in mobile dating.

No worries, there is still space for tinder like dating apps to prosper in your dating niche. You can easily find the tinder-like dating app. Lovelock is the new mobile Platform of WPDating which is in the process of developing tinder like dating app with lots of demand from the consumers.  

All you need is to get the LoveLock and change the name and logo then you are done for good. Popular features, a publish-ready app will help you to increase your customer dimension. Whatever you do please don’t miss the Mobile Platform.

8. Marketing

This is the final of the ongoing steps. Bringing people to your website is important for your revenue stream.  There is a variety of way to do marketing in different niche. Build different unique ideas for adding new members. There is series of steps that you need to do constantly to form a continuous flow of traffic.

SMM– Social Media Marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram these have a tremendous amount of users. You can use their paid marketing to get vast number of users. Else you can create a page and search different ideas to engage the users. Increase your page like by giving free gift, organizing online photo competition etc

Email Marketing– Constantly work with your users, make them feel they are part of your dating site. Give them various offers, look for ideas and ask for a referral. Your ultimate goal is to provide value to your users.

Affiliate marketing – If your site is paid membership then you can approach the different affiliate and give them a certain commission for sending a new member to your site. It’s better to have less than having nothing.  

Completing above task doesn’t mean you are done. Keep searching for new ideas and strategies, so your site can grow. This is a huge market, try to take a more advantage of it.   

If you are confused how your dating website should look then you can view the Admin/User demo below.


  • Daku says:

    Any live user / admin demo?

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    Please visit our demo site to see and feel the design and the features that we are offering at
    For admin login please contact us at

  • zee says:

    As said you are providing 50,000 profiles in your paid plan. I have few queries:

    1. of which countries those profiles are? I need Indian Profiles, is that possible?
    2. Are those active profiles or JUST PROFILES !

  • Kiran K says:

    Hello Zeeshan,
    Those profiles will be of countries. Currently, we don’t have the Indian profile. If you need it then we can provide you the profile and you need to change the details.

    These are the profiles only.

  • kop says:

    I want to better understand, with platinum 269 $ I would have to configure configure to measure so I will only need to change the slgan of my site, the name of the site, I will also have a mobile application for my dating site?

  • kop says:

    registration on my site can be done by mobile number of my user or only by e-mail address

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    If you buy the Platinum package that worth $269 only, then you will get one-time free installation service that worth $79 for free,
    Installation service includes configuration of your site with our theme and plugin to make it look like our demo only, After the installation, you can change the logo, name as per your requirement, and platinum package includes the General app only,For more app package please visit our addon store

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:


    Your users can now register using their email address only, either from mobile devices or Pc, but currently, we are working on our new app which will have the option to register using their phone number, for more info please check the link
    If there is anything we can help you with then please feel free to email us at

    Thank you,

  • James says:

    Can the can match making be done?

  • Raghab - DatingSolutions Support says:

    We are happy to see your comments with your queries on our posts, and yes we have integrated the one on one and group chat in our plugin, and you can use a comet chat plugin for more chat features like audio and video chats @, we have also included the match alerts features into our plugin,
    Matching Tools – Based on the Profile Questions, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. By default, the Matches will show the opposite sex of their profile setup.
    Match Alerts – Users can now receive email Match Alerts. These can be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly and can even be disabled by the end user.
    For more queries please feel free to chat with us in our live chat support that is available at the bottom right corner of your screen

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